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Where are your demos? I cannot find a way to search through your voice talent.

At our voice agency, we say “the search is over” because it’s true. We’ve spent more than twenty years building voice-over relationships and our database contains thousands of voice talent. We do not expect you to slog through page after page of demos. Our Voicecasting Agents act as librarians, narrowing the search to only voices that custom fit your project. Then we quickly send you a shortlist of demos for you to listen to. Need more? We always have more voices to choose from! No more filtering through hundreds of demos!

Are your voice talent professionals?

Yes. The voice-over talent from our voice Agency are professionals with years of experience in voice-over work. We vet our voices thoroughly to assure that you are working with the most respected voice-over professionals.

Does The Voicecasting Agency provide custom auditions?

Sure! Use our Voicecasting System to give our agents an idea of your project, or call. We will hold an audition, then email a link to a custom-branded web page of talents voicing your script. The talents chosen to audition are hand-picked by our experienced voice Agents. We only send your audition to voice artists that are right for your job. No more weeding through endless random voices.

Try our Voicecasting System online or speak with one of Voicecasting Agents right now by calling 1-800-213-1492.

We will get your Voicecasting started right away!

How long is the wait for auditions?

Most auditions can be completed in 24 hours or less if needed.

Where does your talent record?

The talent at our voice agency record from locations all over the world. Voice-overs are recorded in broadcast quality recording studios and professional home studios.

Can I direct the voice talent?

Yes. Many of our clients enjoy directing as the talent records, which can be done from any phone. All talent have ISDN, Source Connect, or phone patch so you may listen in from anywhere.

How do I hire talent from the Voicecasting Agency?

As soon as our Voicecasting Agents find the voice-over talent you love, we will schedule a recording session for you. We can set up a phone session or the talent can record on their own. We take care of all the details and deliver broadcast quality files to you following the session.

What are your rates?

Rates are generally set by the talent based on the scope of the project. Fees may vary. Let our voice agency know your budget and we will work to audition talent that fit your needs.

How do I pay talent?

Simply set up an account with us and the Voicecasting Agency takes care of talent payment for you.

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